TSĒVO • Smart Cashier™

Smart Cashier™

Online Payment Management & Customer Compliance Gateway.

The Smart Cashier solution for online payment management makes it easy for you to add customer payment and payout options, enhance your customer knowledge, reduce fraud, and stay compliant.

You can BYOA (bring your own account) or, through your certified integration, you can be approved merchant processing account through one of our many integrated partner banks and payment gateway service providers. Your successfully certified integration makes processing payments for your Social Gaming, Fantasy Sports, E-Sports, or Regulated Casino & Poker possible within the US, Canada, and the UK.

Smart Cashier™ • Payment Management Gateway

Credit & Debit Cards

Start taking Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit/debit cards on your site or app.

Alternative Payments

We connected to more than just credit/debit cards, Smart Cashier™ connects you PayPal, Dwolla, PayToo, Stripe, and more.

Bank & Merchant Accounts

Bring your own merchant processing account for deposits and payouts or we can help you get set up with one of the many that we work with.

Deposit & Payout Gateway

The integrated gateway checkout offers a beautiful & customizable managed payment flow that works great across desktop and mobile.

Anti-Fraud & Compliance

Enhanced anti-fraud protection identifies high-risk transactions, stops fraudulent charges, and monitors suspicious customer behavior.

PCI Compliance

Get PCI-DSS compliant payments when you properly implement our Smart Cashier™ WebSession service via our flexible API.


The Smart Cashier solution confirms to your website or app layout and is responsive to mobile, tablet, and desktop environments.

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Token Vault™

Securing the payment data within your work-flow is the best way to ensure that your customer's sensitive information is safe. The Token Vault service encrypts and replaces sensitive payment data with a unique identifier (token) that cannot be mathematically reversed. The actual payment data is securely stored within the Token Vault solution and managed by your payment processors.

PCI Compliance

The Token Vault payment method tokenization service provides secure PCI compliant registration, tokenization, and encryption of payment methods (Credit Cards & Bank Accounts) and Customer data (SSN, email, phone, etc).

Smart Keys for Display

You can still visually recognize your data even when the token is in place by retaining the last four digits of the card as a means of accurately matching the token to the payment card owner.

Format Options

You have the option of using multiple formats for the tokenization and each format is preserved in an encrypted data store that is only accessible by you and your localized encryption key.

AML/Payment Monitoring

Automatically detect suspicious activity using compliance designed rule-based and behavior-based logic that complies with local & international regulations with connectivity to OFAC, PEP Screening, and 100+ additional screening processes.

Connected Identities

Monitor suspicious identities across multiple devices, accounts, and operations when you activate the AML Monitor to our advanced EvolveID platform.

Payment Device

Stop fraudulent payment method access before it happens and detect the use of accounts that have been flagged by industry and international institutions.

Behavior Screening

We alert you and help your system recognize the processes used for money-laundering by customers operating within a credit based online service.