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Customer Identity Verification, Location, & Compliance Gateway.

Know more about your customer, their location, where they've been and their associated risk and value with the EvolveID Customer Insight solution.

EvolveID gives you complete identity verification on your customer with their true Identity, verified Date Of Birth, validated SSN, Primary Address, Work History, Family, Friends, and Business Associates, and much more. Your successfully certified integration gives you a turn-key solution for a compliance customer profile. You know more about your customer without burdening their user experience with endless forms and costly wait times.

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Multi-Source Customer Identity Verification

Customers identity is verified using multiple data sources for the highest accuracy rating. We compare your customers data to credit bureaus, motor vehicle records, census addresses, security watch list, marketing list, and much much more. You get the benefit of hundreds of data points with only one connection.

KBA (Knowledge-Based Authentication)

Customer identity is verified by presenting a series of multiple question sets and then gaging their response. This form of identity validation provides the highest level of accuracy and allow your customers to supply information to you in a more comfortable and less intrusive manner than requiring them to complete needless forms requesting them to provide SSN, Address, Phone Number, etc.

Detect fraud & false identities

We monitor and alert you to fraud based on False Identity Networks that compile stolen identities, payment methods, device fraud, and much more. Your connectivity provides you with a proactive approach to fraud management and limits your exposure to fraudulent activity.

Multi-Account Abuse Detection

EvolveID encourages you to generate and use a system of Unique Customer IDs that helps to intelligently manage your customer base and its association with other networks around the globe. We detect and tag identities and provide you customer identity matching and accuracy scoring so that you know if you have 10 new customers or just 1 new customer signing up 10 times.

Document Library

You can enhance your customer identity profile verification by adding the validation of physical documents such as a drivers license, passport, utility bill, or other verifiable identity document by using the Secure Document Library. Or, if the automated digital ID verification process cannot produce a real-time validated result you can upload images of a document for validation by someone within your company or within ours.

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