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We deliver industry leading products

to the market with a focus on innovation.

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that keep them ahead of the market.

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Rock Solid Platforms

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The EvolveID Platform™

Identity, Compliance, & Analytics.

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One managed process solution for

customer identity, location, risk, and more.

We turn your ideas into reality with experience, design, and innovation. TSĒVO is an obsessively thorough web application design, architecture, and strategy firm.

From global organizations to dynamic investment funded start-ups, we've made our clients stronger and more competitive. Discover how we can do the same for you.


Digital Business

We are dedicated to providing you with easy to understand solution for your business.

Project Leadership

We believe that business requirements take precedence over technology options, any chosen solution must be adapted and become an integrated part of a business.

Custom Development

Our technology solutions for solving your business problems always begin with the your business and are geared to the solutions you need.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Development for iPhone, Android, and more that can increase your bottom line by bringing the sales cycle into focus and your clients into a faster turn around.

System Architecture

Web Hosting Architecture & Infrastructure - We are dedicated to providing you with easy to understand solution for your business.

Market Expertise

Experience brings success - We are dedicated to providing you with easy to understand solution for your business.

Database Reporting and Development

We specialize in providing custom solutions for your data management and analytics needs utilizing your existing data framework...

Social Media Mgmt

We have a full team of Social Media experts that can provide everything from the set-up of your accounts to the ongoing analytics and the brand awareness campaigns that it takes to keep your company relevant.

Energy / Oil & Gas

Worried that your technology partner doesn’t know the difference between upstream and downstream? TSĒVO was born in Houston, Texas — the energy capital of the world. We have provided consulting services to Fortune 500 leaders in energy production and fulfillment.


TSĒVO understands the criticality and demanding nature of the healthcare industry. Several of our associates have worked for some of the most recognized names in healthcare and care-giving support. We are also well-versed in HIPAA, HL7, and JCAHO.

Financial Services

Banking, capital markets, insurance, whatever your focus, TSĒVO has your solution. We have developed countless systems which have processed billions of dollars in transactions. We are also fluent in regulatory requirements, industry best practices, and payment card industry (PCI) standards.

Retail eCommerce

Regardless of whether your business sells coffee beans or chemicals, TSĒVO can analyze your daily processes to find ways to save your staff both time and money by optimizing your operational efficiency. Our expertise can drive your sales to a new level by incorporating the latest in technology, innovation, and business processes.

products & platforms

The EvolveID Platform

Platform Managed API id, location, aml, device fingerprint

The EvolveID Platform provides a managed real-time solution for connecting device reputation, customer identity verification, location validation, session security, dynamic reporting, financial alert and AML monitoring, and more all via an on-demand application or API access model.

Component Products

Customer Insight

Solution Managed API

TruePoint ID

Service API


Service API

Insight Dashboard

Product Secure Web Solution

about us

TSĒVO (Transēvo Digital Business) is a software design firm delivering innovative solutions to market with a distinct focus on enhanced customer interaction, and data analytics.

This is not a hobby...

TSĒVO is a privately held software company that was founded in 2003 by a team of like minded business & technology trailblazers. Their origins actually date back to 1994, before Mosaic was a browser and America was still figuring out how to get Online. Since its inception we have been focused on developing products and delivering services that add value to whomever uses them. From our first product launch we've focused on how to make things better, more efficient, more profitable. That combination of business laden focus and drive for technology innovation has only been capable by adding talent to our team and partnering with like minded companies.

We believe in fluid communication amongst our team, clients, and partners without the restraints of overly rigid methodologies or writing exhaustive 5 year project plans. The best software is made through a flexible, iterative process, by small teams that "own" the problem at hand.

Our Insight

  • Business

    Your business is our business and the solutions that it takes to make you more successful will always be our focus.
  • Strategies

    Whether we are launching a new product or designing a client solution our strategy is to maintain focus and embrace the unknowns.
  • Culture

    We don't offer jobs, we develop careers. When you feel as passionate as we do about what we do you never leave it behind.
  • Philosophy

    We take our passion and direct it into everything that we do, our goal as a company is foster passion and ignite innovation.

Clients / Partners / Friends

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  • IHS
  • Vantiv
  • GambleID
  • Skrill


TSĒVO (Transēvo Digital Business)

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